Brownfield First - Making better use of our land

02Aug / 2016

Brownfield First – Making better use of our land

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) has voiced its support of the need for more sustainable development on brownfield sites via their latest report, ‘Brownfield First: making better use of our land’.

The UK’s rising population resulting in an increase in demand for homes makes the use of previously developed or brownfield land an obvious choice for the provision of new sites. The country’s extensive industrial heritage has resulted in widespread potential sites that could not only ease the issue of constrained space but avoid the need for further building on greenfield sites.


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The latest statistics from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) suggest that there is in excess of 60 000 ha of brownfield land in England, with figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG – 2010) advising that 35 000 ha of this land is suitable for housing development.

EIC members now look to the Government for support of the brownfield sector with the aim of increasing the proportion of brownfield development within the UK. Chairman of EIC’s contaminated land working group, Peter Atchison, stated, ‘Brownfield first offers practical solutions to two issues facing the UK; the need for more sustainable development and use of previously developed sites.’ The key aim is to speed up brownfield development through the planning process and for it to take precedence over greenfield sites.

With £1bn funding available for local authorities to help bring suitable brownfield land into readiness for development, the EIC are calling for some of this capital to be invested in improving resources for local authority contaminated land planning functions.

Read the full ‘Brownfield First: making better use of our land’ report here.

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