Brownfield and Contaminated Land 2018: See you in Belfast

01Mar / 2018

Brownfield and Contaminated Land 2018: See you in Belfast

It is with great pleasure that we announce that GGS is speaking at Brownfield and Contaminated Land 2018 at Titanic Belfast on Thursday 19th April.

Brownfield & Contaminated Land 2018 promises to bring delegates the most current and insightful update on innovative techniques for the risk assessment and remediation of contaminated land, groundwater and strategies to deliver effective brownfield development.

With practical commentary and regional case studies from both sides of the border, delegates will benefit from the following sessions:

  • Managing Brownfield Land as part of Local Development Planning – a Local Council perspective
  • A Regulatory Update on Groundwater Risk Assessment
  • Practically implementing the use of Bioaccessibility Testing to determine risks to human health
  • Cost-Benefits of Continuous Risk Monitoring for Ground- Gases and VOCs
  • Practical Strategies for dealing with Asbestos in soil when it is found on-site
  • Effectively implementing good Waste Management practice on brownfield and construction projects
  • Regional Remediation Project Case Studies

This event provides a fantastic follow-up to the GGS sponsored Ground Gas 2018, which took place in London on Thursday 1st March. Here Simon spoke on “Continuous Monitoring – the Lines of Evidence Approach to Ground-Gas Risk” in order to gain a true understanding of the ground gas regime, make informed decisions based on the robust, high quality data and ultimately reduce the scale and scope of remediation actions.

Simon will be presenting in Belfast at 12pm on “Ground Gas and VOCs: Practicalities of continuous monitoring for cost-effectively assessing the risks from ground gases and soil vapours”, paying particular attention to:

  • Clarifying the requirements of BS8485 and other regulations for ground gas risk assessment on development sites
  • Examining recent progress made in ground gas and vapour risk assessment both in the UK and internationally
  • Understanding where uncertainties and misconceptions occur in risk-assessing the most common contaminants and how these can be addressed
  • Clarifying the regulator’s stance on new techniques for monitoring and risk-assessing ground gas

Simon will also be presenting a case study on “Evaluating the cost-benefits of complete continuous monitoring in maximising data collection and adding value to your ground gas and VOC risk assessments.”

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