Baseline Water Sampling with Envireau Water and Friends

04Jul / 2017

Baseline Water Sampling with Envireau Water and Friends

It’s always good to team up with a fellow professional on a job. Collaborative working can produce the best quality results for clients through combining expertise, and it can also lead to new and unexpected encounters.

GGS recently teamed up with Envireau Water on a water sampling project with the objective of establishing the environmental baseline conditions of a site. Over three sessions, geo-environmental specialists from both companies carried out baseline water monitoring, sampling and lab analysis to establish the site’s environmental parameters.

We establish what’s called the baseline to understand the variety and quantity of naturally occurring gases at a site. Through monitoring the presence and fluctuations of gases, such as methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen, ground gas activity can be characterised and its geo-environmental parameters established. When the gases have been monitored for a sufficient period of time, a unique fingerprint can then be allocated to that site, and the monitoring data used as a reference against which any future variations can be held.

Heather, a GGS Geo – Environmental Specialist, was responsible for carrying out borehole headspace monitoring and assisting Envireau Water with water sampling. Locations for sampling were chosen based on the position of on site boreholes, following which off site samples were taken from ponds, streams and taps. A portable laser methane analyser was then used to detect methane at parts per million and identify methane concentrations within the sample headspace.

It was at the point of sampling that a local horse who was grazing near one of the locations (let’s call him Ed) became quite curious about the team’s activities. He clearly wanted to demonstrate his prowess in best practice environmental monitoring techniques. Sadly Ed was unable to present the necessary qualifications to enable him to join in, but our specialists were happy for him to observe for the purpose of embellishing his CV.

Best practice monitoring and sampling of water forms a crucial part of effectively and efficiently establishing the geo-environmental baseline conditions of a site. If you’d like to speak to someone about GGS services in environmental monitoring, please click here.