ACUMEN wins a European Commission LIFE Best Award

01Jun / 2016

ACUMEN wins a European Commission LIFE Best Award

ACUMEN, a partnership project between Ground-Gas Solutions (GGS), the Environment Agency, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change and other bodies, has been awarded a LIFE Best Award from the European Commission.

Yesterday as part of EU Green Week, the biggest annual occasion to debate European environment policy, the European Commission announced the winners of the LIFE Best Awards for 2015. They recognise the most effective and inspiring LIFE projects in the field of environment and nature protection.

From over 50 international finalists, the most outstanding projects were awarded the accolade of ‘Best of the Best’ LIFE project. Out of the 11 winners, ACUMEN was recognised for its contribution to landfill management.


Matt Askin of the Environment Agency accepting the award on behalf of the ACUMEN team

The ACUMEN project aimed to demonstrate a technically and economically feasible approach to capturing, utilising and mitigating methane from closed and historic landfill sites. GGS was responsible for carrying out a comprehensive monitoring programme to establish an initial baseline assessment of methane emissions at each of the selected sites in the UK.

Through applying innovative continuous monitoring technology, GGS demonstrated how capturing the full range of variation in the parameter lead to a far more robust assessment of landfill gas composition, quality and behaviour. The result of this was a substantial improvement in the understanding of gas migration.

An award was also given to Scottish project, SEWeb, which developed a Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) for Scotland. The website brings together data and information as well as expertise from a number of organisations to provide a comprehensive view of Scotland’s environment.

Selection criteria for the Best Projects focusses on their contribution to both immediate and long-term environmental, economic and social improvements, their level of innovation and transferability and their relevance to policy and cost-effectiveness.

GGS is very proud to have been part of the ACUMEN project and contributing to innovative methods of environmental monitoring.

Find out more about the European Commission LIFE Best Award here.