Vision, Mission and Values

An organisations visions, values and mission statement underpin the direction and integrity of its policies and employees.
Ground-Gas Solutions is committed to consistent and considerate service delivery that cultivates confidence in our clients and develops positive, long-term relationships.



Our Vision
A safer world through continuous environmental monitoring.



Our Mission
To provide high quality environmental monitoring and risk assessment consultancy services.


GGS works closely with clients from many sectors, providing market leading and cost effect environmental monitoring and risk assessment consultancy services based on the latest innovative techniques. Developed from our core continuous monitoring expertise, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, independent and professional services that enable our clients to make timely decisions that meet H&S and environmental regulatory obligations.



Our Values



We act with integrity, consideration and compassion to support the needs of our customers, the goals of our employees and the happiness of the communities in which we live and work.



We encourage an environment of creativity that transforms new ideas into successful services and solutions that enhances our sense of purpose, fosters pride in our employees, and ultimately makes our company the ‘go to’ destination for our clients.


Sustainable Growth

We use technological innovation at all levels of business to reduce our environmental footprint and provide our clients with solutions that are protective of people, society and the environment.


High Performance

We have an expert and varied team, motivated and with a common purpose, that combines industry knowledge with complementary skills to deliver a consistently high level service, which flexes to meet the specifications of the client and provide superior results.


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