Ground-Gas Risk Assessment

GGS provides ground-gas risk assessment to identify and quantify ground-gas risk to specified receptors. Increased Risk Prediction is achieved by interpreting high density data sets provided by GGS GasClam® instrumentation. Correctly analysing and interpreting continuous data gives higher confidence that the correct risk classifications have been reached. Multiple high frequency data sets, including ground-gas concentration, atmospheric pressure, temperature and ground water level are analysed, which can be used to draw correlations and identify potential ground-gas driving mechanisms.

GGS makes use of its specialised analytical tools in ground-gas risk assessment, such as ground-gas flux calculation from GGS Purge & Recovery Tests and concentration duration analysis. These tools are essential in calculating the actual ground-gas risk, so that ground-gas protection measures can be designed and targeted correctly. Less conservatism built into ground-gas protection measures saves our clients’ money.

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