Former Landfills & Part 2A


Former Landfills

GGS has a unique understanding of the historical legacy of landfill activities coupled with up to date knowledge of regulatory controls associated to Part 2A pollutant linkages and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Continuing service innovation arising from ongoing research ensures that GGS’s services provides market leading support to our clients. This means that the company can offer the most cost effective solutions to our clients.


Part 2A Investigations

Using GasClam® for continuous ground-gas monitoring GGS can reduce uncertainty and provide correlations with environmental factors to identify the key landfill gas drivers allowing the development of realistic Conceptual Site Models (CSM) allowing the design of efficient and effective landfill gas management systems.
GGS offers the following specific services to aid in former landfill monitoring and Part 2A investigation:
• Efficient assimilation of existing site information through effective client liaison.
• Authoritative historical research (Preliminary Risk Assessment) including walk-over survey
• Development of Preliminary Conceptual Site Model
• Detailed monitoring plan of existing and additional monitoring wells including Periodic ‘Spot’ and Continuous landfill gas monitoring
• Purge and Recovery Tests (GGS PRT®)
• Presentation of factual data (GGS DataPack®) and Revised Conceptual Site Model
• Interpretative reporting based on enhanced data analysis including concentration duration curves, borehole recovery profile and specific pollutant linkage risk assessments.
• Accurately targeted remedial design and landfill gas management systems


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Monitoring

The European Union (EU), as a party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol, is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It therefore collates and publishes a Greenhouse Gas Inventory for its member states including the UK. Methane emissions from former landfills is increasingly recognised as a significant source of GHG. Therefore cost effective methods for measuring these emissions are required by the Environment Agency.
GGS has developed a range of innovative services arising from the results of the highly successful ACUMEN research project. ACUMEN (Assessing, Capturing and Utilising Methane from Expired and Non-operational landfills) was a collaborative partnership project part-funded under the climate change strand of the EU’s LIFE+ environment programme and by Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) and Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA). ACUMEN collaborators were Environment Agency, DECC, DEFRA, Ground Gas Solutions Ltd. (GGS), Norfolk County Council, Warsaw University of Technology and Biogas Technology Ltd.

Find out more about the ACUMEN project here.


GGS’ innovative emissions range of monitoring and survey services include:

• Surface Emission Survey (SES)
• Advanced Flux Box Testing and survey
• Quantitative Surface Emissions Survey (Q-SES)

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