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At GGS we provide a range of specialist ground-gas services for our clients within a variety of industries.  We undertake a range of ground-gas monitoring methods, factual and interpretive reporting and consultancy.

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Shale Gas and Onshore Petroleum

Robust data to provide confidence to you, the regulators and interested third parties that environmental control systems are working

Continuous ground-gas monitoring

GGS interprets GasClam® data to continuously monitor ground-gases, improving risk prediction for former landfills, to support brownfield development and in Part 2A investigations

Ground-gas risk assessment

GGS provides high quality, highly accurate ground-gas risk assessment based on continuous monitoring data. Multiple analytical tools are used to quantify the real ground-gas risk.

Radon services

Radon gas exposure is the second highest cause of lung cancer in the UK after smoking. Use GGS for radon monitoring and assessment to reduce the radon risk.

Former landfills and part 2A

GGS can accurately identify the real risks associated with migrating landfill gas. This enables GGS to develop cost effective monitoring programmes tailored to the specific pollutant linkages present on a site.

Ground-gas verification

Ground-gas protection measures are installed to protect residents from hazardous ground-gases, therefore it is imperative that they are of suitable specification and installed to a high standard.

Ground-Gas Remediation and Options Appraisal

GGS considers the remedial options available to reduce the risk from ground-gas hazards. Selecting appropriate remedial measures will aid in discharging planning conditions.

Operational landfill services

GGS uses GasClam® continuous monitoring technology to monitor ground-gas in operational landfills. The data produced provides unparalleled evidence on the performance of containment systems.

Due diligence

The speed and quality of Ground-Gas Solutions’ unique continuous ground-gas monitoring service means that accurate and high quality reports can be produced within two weeks.